I’ll photograph almost anything – just ask!

Gonna say it up front – I am not a professional photographer. A pro is someone who commits their livelihood to photography. I take pictures on the side because it’s fun and I’m relatively good at it. That being said, if you hire me, my services will be priced appropriately.

I’ll usually shoot small to medium sized events like private engagements, passport photos, family photos, birthdays and the jawn without a problem. Larger events (such as weddings) will take more time and planning on my part, so I might be less likely to satisfy the request (I also juggle a full-time job), but that doesn’t mean I’ll outright say no! I’m currently based in Philly and Frederick, MD. The prospective client must be willing to reimburse transit costs for anything outside of the greater Philadelphia/Washington metropolitan area.

What my services include:

A photo session with me includes direct access to the raw NEF files (I use a Nikon system) as well as the edited JPEGs. Raw files are provided instantly while JPEGS might take some time. This is because I go into Photoshop and scrutinize each photo individually. Generally, the complete JPEG turnaround time may take a bit depending on the volume of photos taken, but I’ll make them available as I work with them. Also, if you notice something in the edited photos than needs some tweaking, let me know! I’ll be happy to re-edit them once to your specifications – free of charge.

What my services do not include:

I do not do prints of any kind at the moment simply because I’m not equipped to do so. I should also mention that I do not have a formal photography studio; I’ll shoot indoors and outdoors on-location. If you have a particular location in mind, just let me know and I’ll be happy to satisfy.

If you’re interested in scheduling a session, feel free to shoot an email to allen.e.meyers@gmail.com with “Photo consultation with Allen” in the subject line. Thank you in advance for considering me!